A Tail of Patience | Bella’s Adoption Story

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For this Tail of Hope, we had the opportunity to speak with Bella’s mom, Sarah, to learn about her and her family’s story with Bella and how she’s grown to be a great fit for their home. 


Time in the South

Before arriving in Illinois, Bella spent her youth in Arkansas. There aren’t many details on her backstory, but Sarah and her family suppose that Bella was born and immediately went into a shelter. Given her upbringing as a shelter dog, Bella was not used to having a concrete family by her side at first. Fortunately for her, she was soon going to be met with endless love and admiration by the perfect home. 


A Family in Search of Filling the Void 

Prior to Bella joining the family, Sarah and her husband had another dog who spent 10 years with them. After their dog passed away, Sarah and her husband knew that they wanted to continue having a furry friend in the home to bring them joy and love. Additionally, they had a three-year-old daughter who needed the excitement and support a dog could bring to her.

Sarah and her husband had a couple ideas for the type of pup they wanted: a larger dog who was sweet and good with kids. Sarah’s sister worked at a place that Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue had an adoption event at, so they took it upon themselves to scope out the event and see if they could find a match for their home. They didn’t have any specific breed in mind, but once the border collie and beagle mix came their way, they knew their lives would change for the better.


Starting Off Shy, but Warming Up to the Family Soon

“She was extremely nervous and scared when we first got her,” Sarah noted. “She could barely walk on a leash because she was terrified.”

Bella’s introduction to the family is very common amongst shelter dogs. When dogs get introduced to new environments, it’s not unusual for them to get frightened by all the changes occurring. There is a lot of uncertainty that runs through dogs’ minds when they find a new home, but fortunately for Bella, she soon discovered that her new setting was exactly what she needed. When asked about lessons they’ve learned from Bella since adopting her, their answer was clear.

“Patience,” was what Sarah stated. “She was a dog that required a lot of patience for her to get comfortable and used to us, especially my husband. She really didn’t like men at first. Now, he’s her favorite person in the whole house!”


Finding Fun and Happiness in her New Home

It has been almost five years since Bella was adopted, and since then, she has fit right in with the family. In fact, Bella has a puppy sister who gets along great with her. Sarah noted that they love to run and play in the backyard together.

“There’s nothing she loves more than cozying up in our bed during the day while we are at work,” Sarah described. “She’s very sassy at night when she wants to go outside. We call it her “witching hour”. She pounces around the house barking until you let her out to run off her energy.”

Aside from her playfulness, she’s also a naturally happy dog who loves spending time with their daughter. Sarah said that she’s very gentle with her daughter, and she loves to smile at them. When she gets excited or wants a treat, Bella will give a big grin to show her joy.


Advice For People Considering Adoption

Continuing on the pattern of patience from their journey with Bella, Sarah touched on her advice for those who are interested in adopting a dog.

“Make sure you do a meet and greet, especially with kids and any other dogs you might have,” Sarah said. “Not every dog is right for your family. Also, make sure you give them the time they need to adjust. They won’t just come home and know what to do right away or be comfortable right away.”

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