A Tail of Starting Over | Tanner’s Adoption Story

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For this Tail of Hope, we had the opportunity to speak with Tanner’s mom, Nicole, to learn about her and her husband’s life with Tanner and how he’s seamlessly adjusted to their home.


Life on the Road

Tanner spent his early life into adulthood with his first caretaker. Unfortunately, his family’s circumstances changed, and they lost their home. For a time, Tanner and his three fur siblings lived in a U-Haul with their caretaker. Things eventually got to be too much, and Tanner’s family made the difficult decision to surrender him and his siblings to Hopeful Tails. 


A Couple Searching For a New Rescue Dog

Nicole and Robert, experienced dog owners, had recently lost their beloved Doxie to heart failure, and they were missing the presence of a dog in their home. Soon after that, they made the decision to search for a rescue dog they could adopt before Christmas.

Nicole was browsing on Petfinder for Dachshunds at nearby rescues, and Tanner’s profile picture caught her eye. As a six-year-old Chiweenie, he appeared to be an excellent match for the couple. They scheduled a time to meet Tanner at Hopeful Tails, and the rest is history! Tanner was adopted into his second-chance family in November 2022. 


Adjusting and Enjoying His Second Chance At Life

Tanner ended up fitting in seamlessly with his new family. In the initial months of adjustment, he dealt with separation anxiety when Nicole and Robert would leave the house. An understandable symptom of being surrendered at a shelter by the only family he had known. Once he came to understand that his new family was never going to leave him permanently, Tanner’s separation anxiety dissipated.

Nowadays, Tanner and his little fur brother, Timber, love spending time in their home and “going to work” with their mom. “I work from home, so I’ll tell them ‘time to go to work!’ and Tanner will grab his toy and run to his bed in my office,” Nicole shares.

Tanner’s silly and playful personality shines daily as he enjoys throwing his bones in the air and doing “frog legs” when he lays on his belly. “Some of his other favorite things to do are chewing on bones, playing fetch, going on walks, exploring his backyard, and greeting his dad by jumping on him when he returns from work,” says Nicole. 


Advice For People Considering Adoption

Nicole has great advice for people considering welcoming a rescue pet into their lives, “Think it through. Dogs are a commitment, and it will take time and patience for them to adjust to your home. You don’t know what they may have been through in their life. If you cannot commit to a dog wholeheartedly and in every aspect of care, do not adopt one.” 

She adds, “They are innocent animals dependent on the humans that care for them. Dogs just want your love and attention and return what you show them tenfold.” 

If you are interested in adopting a Hopeful Tails dog, please visit our adoption page for more information or email hopefultailsadoptions@outlook.com